Riding the Waves in stormy Times @24th until 26nd of September 2021

6th International Psychodrama Conference
24th until 26nd of September 2021 in Berlin, Germany

In stormy times it can be hard to stay afloat. How do we manage to survive and keep ourselves safe, so that we not only survive, but also enjoy the ride and achieve our goals ? How can we use the energy of the waves to let them carry us to where we want to go?

Riding the waves in turbulent times is exciting, as well as challenging, especially if life’s uncertainties increase and the waves become overwhelming. Then it is so important to be able to steer actively, whilst being connected to an inner, stable part of ourselves as well as related to other people.

Psychodrama helps us to overcome this challenge, as it enables us to recognize and learn from each other’s stories and scenes. Together we will make use of psychodrama techniques to help people cope with the challenges of these stormy times.

We invite you to our conference in the heart of Berlin amidst all its traces of history and modernity.

The International Conference is preceded by the General Assembly of the Association and by Committee Meetings. Non members are also welcome to join the open parts of the General Assembly as guests.

Welcome to Berlin and our 16th International Conference!

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