Europe starting out

The people of Europe are making enormous efforts to fill the “Common House of Europe” with life and important political steps have been taken. However, a common Europe will only come into being if it develops from the foundations. If we want such a Europe we must get to know the people of Europe, learn from each other, visit each other and organise conventions and celebrations all as part of our normal everyday life. As psychodramatists in Europe we are contributing to this in an engaged and professional manner.

Europe challenges us

A successful and capable Europe of the future can only be achieved if we deal with the changes a globalised world brings through our philosophies.The central requirements are:- Dealing with strangeness- Coping with variety- Dealing with changes.
With the results, concepts, methods and procedures of psychodrama, sociometry and psycho-dramatic group psychotherapy we psychodramatists are well armed to meet the challenges of European integration in our fields of work.

Europe from the beginning

The Psychodrama-Institut für Europa e.V. was founded in Amsterdam in 1989. From the very beginning the institute has sought to encourage the development of psychodrama throughout Europe. Active exchanges and cooperation between east and west Europe are the daily norm in our institute. As equal partners we deepen and develop our common professionalism.

Europe concrete

We concretely pursue the following aims:

  1. We organize the further education and training of experts from psycho-social professions in psychodrama and sociometry
  2. We take an active role in the politics of our professions and solicit professional acceptance
  3. We actively encourage professional exchanges and cooperation
  4. We are involved in trans-cultural research
  5. We develop the theoretical bases of psychodrama and sociometry. We establish material and financial prerequisites for psychodrama work throughout Europe.