When the first, or second level training program has been successfully completed, the chair of the local organisation can download the request form below and fill out the data in the “certificates” tab. Instructions can be found in the first tab: “instructions” of the spreadsheet.

WARNING: In some cases, the spreadsheet will not download, but open in your browser. In that case, please right-click on the link below and use the “Save link as” option to save the Certificate Request Form on your computer.

Request Form for Psychodrama Level 1 certificates

Request form for Psychodrama Level 2 certificates

Information about the training standards

Upon receipt, the training committee wil check and validate your certification requests.
Once approved, the certificates will be prepared and sent to the requester for final verification.
After the final verification, the certificates will be printed, stamped, and signed by the chair of the Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. and the chair of the training committee.
The signed documents will be given/sent to the requester, who will also need to sign, together with the trainers.