Obituary for Daiva Rudokaite

Obituary for Daiva Rudokaite

We mourn the loss of Daiva Rudokaite, who left us at the age of just 54 after a long, serious illness. 

We are losing an extremely committed psychodramatist who knew how to combine her acting professionalism with her passion for psychodrama. In her function as the long-time president of the Lithuanian Psychodrama Society, Daiva Rudokaite made a significant contribution to the acceptance and awareness of psychodrama in the Baltic States. As a member of the  Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V., she personally and institutionally affirmed the socio-therapeutic claim of Moreno’s psychodrama. She learned the English language in a short time, organised international psychodrama meetings such as the Baltic Moreno Days and did pioneering work.

We will miss her energy, her talent for organisation as well as her passionate commitment to psychodrama and her friendly and open-minded nature.

We will keep Daiva Rudokaite in grateful memory.

Fred Dorn and Hilde Gött 

Board of the Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V.