International Conferences

Save the Date:
16th International Psychodrama Conference
“Riding the Waves in stormy Times”
22nd until 24th of September 2023
Berlin, Germany

More information and registration here.

The Conference is a principal part of our organization’s culture. It offers members and guests a real chance to spend some time with their colleagues from the European psychodrama network. Through workshops and lectures one can demonstrate ones own work or learn from others about new developments in the field of Psychodrama.

The Conference also offers us the possibility to discuss the structures and content of the work in the organization and all the following bodies held meetings during the course of the convention: the General Meeting, the European Executive Board, the International Committee, the Supervisors Committee and the group of Training and Further Education leaders who work abroad.

Every two years an International Conference takes place, which is planned and carried out by one of the national associations in cooperation with the international executive board.

We are happy that our this years Conference will be supported by the ESF!