The non-profit purpose of the association is the application and development of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy and related methods in international cooperation between professionals and corporate bodies who are members of the association and are active and qualified in these fields of work.

Preamble of our Statute

The association “Psychodrama-Institut für Europa e. V.” was founded as an international association under the German Civil Code in August 1989 in Amsterdam. Following the decision taken at the general meeting in Vilnius on 21th of September 2017 this association was renamed “Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V.” and has completely adopted the rights and obligations of the Psychodrama Institute for Europe e. V. All statements, forms, certificates and official decisions of the former organization “Psychodrama-Institut für Europa e.V.” retain their validity.

General Conditions for Europe

The political and historical changes will also create new challenges for us all within the coming years and decades. Our objectives are learning to

make diversity viable,
strengthen the community,
create access,
organize changes.

Doctors and therapists, teachers and lawyers, social workers and psychologists as well as artists and politicians and many others must expand their competencies in order to deal with foreignness, diversity, social and political upheaval and the constant change in a suitable and professional manner.

The values and concepts, methods and techniques of psychodrama, sociometry and psychodramatic group psychotherapy, will enable us to face these challenges in Europe in our fields of work.


1.      Training and Education of Professionals

Besides instruction and training of specialists in traditional fields of work (such as psychotherapy, counselling, supervision, pedagogy and adult education), we will open up new areas of application for psychodrama, such as psychodrama for politicians, organizational consultants, NGOs, lawyers and artists. The social importance of these professional groups has so far not been adequately represented in psychodramatic training and further education.

2.      Professional Policy and Professional Acceptance

A focal point of the work of the Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. is to achieve professional standards and qualifications which are comparable between the countries of Europe and accepted by professional associations.

Comparability and controlled qualification standards are important prerequisites for the extent to which psychodrama, sociometry and psychodramatic group psychotherapy receive the professional acceptance that should be given to their methodological and procedural potential.

3.      Professional Exchange and Professional Cooperation

Mobility and professional flexibility require vocational training and experience by exchange, encounter and cooperation. The Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. is also a “stock exchange”, where such exchanges and opportunities can be “traded” between experts from different professional fields in Europe.

4.      Transcultural Research

To be European means for us to preserve both a common European cultural heritage, as well as to reflect the differences between historical and cultural developments.

The goal of transcultural research in the Psychodrama Association for Europe e. V. is to describe these differences as phenomena and to highlight their impact on the relationships and interactions between people from different countries, peoples and cultures.

5.      Development of the theoretical Foundations of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Psychodramatic group psychotherapy

Although we have a solid theoretical and practical basis for our professional activity in the philosophy, theory and practice of J. L. Moreno, and in the further development of his pupils and successors, we see a critical development as a necessary goal of our scientific efforts. In addition to the appreciation of the founder of psychodrama, sociometry, and psychodramatic group psychotherapy, there must be an attitude of critical discussion and reflective experience. Only a critical development will do justice to the legacy of J. L. Moreno.

6.      Plurality and Cooperation

European diversity is a great resource for creativity, tolerance and efficiency. It is our goal to make use of this resource and to maintain it despite controversial standpoints and opinions. We welcome and look forward to working with all our colleagues, and institutions, who as members or in other forms of cooperation, are ready to contribute to the further development of psychodrama, sociometry and psychodramatic group psychotherapy in a democratic Europe.

7.      Material and Financial Requirements

The work necessary to achieve these objectives cannot be financed from the contributions of the members alone. We are therefore endeavouring to find financial contributors, as well as funding, research resources and donations.

In this way, we can find solutions to the problems that arise in exchanges and international professional cooperation due to the different material and financial circumstances of psychodramatics in different countries of Europe.