Psychodrama with Nomad Girl

Zhansaya Akhmetsadyk heard the word “psychodrama” back in 2018 at social psychology lesson during her BA. Its exotic sound grabbed her attention and it made her starting to search more about it.

Slowly it dragged her fully. First she went volunteering at Psychodrama Festival in Bulgaria Foundation Centaur ART, then she connected with us and supported and participated to our Conference in Poland, Cracow in 2019.

Then she started Training to get her own Psychodrama Practitioner certificate in Germany, within the Psychodrama-Institute for Europe e.V. Germany.

Her ancestors used to be nomads, horse riding on the steppes of Central Asia in the harmony of nature, and now she has been traveling in the pursuit of knowledge and experience. The need opens the way for inventions. So it did. Today together with spring revival and in collaboration with us Zhansaya released the Podcast project called “Psychodrama with Nomad Girl”.

She talks with specialists and colleagues from different parts of world to make us closer. Herewith she reopens Morenian and Psychodramatic world from new perspective with her every guest.

So we welcome you to join her journey as well!

You can find the podcast on many platforms here.

For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact her at or contact us