Deputy Secretary of the Board

Valentina Skliar

Kyiv (Ukraine)

MA Psychology, MSc Design Engineering. Certified social worker.

Psychologist, psychodrama therapist, and a member of the Ukrainian Institute of Psychodrama (IPMPiP) board.

Psychodrama has been an important part of my life since 2006. Without exaggeration, it is now woven into my personal, social, and professional life and has changed it tremendously. The philosophy and practical application of psychodrama speak to me on a deep level. Therefore, I believe in its future, and I am eager to help spread the knowledge about it.

I was born and live in Kyiv and have a private psychological practice. Currently, I am gaining experience as a co-therapist in study groups. Throughout the years, I have co-organized and hosted psychodrama conferences and festivals, supporting and spreading psychodrama in Ukraine. Additionally, I have participated in volunteer projects working with mobilized soldiers and helping with the rehabilitation of veterans and war victims.

One of my goals is to strengthen our ties in the European community. I feel the sincere support from my colleagues and hope to contribute to our teamwork.