Online Courses in english language

Advanced Online Courses 7/1/2021 and 21/1/2021 to deepen your online Psychodrama expertise

When: Thursdays from 10:00 to 14:00 Amsterdam time: 7/1/2021 and 21/1/2020 
Fee: €80 for members, non-members €100*
The seminar can only take place with, but no more than, 12 participants.
Certification of the seminar with 8 academic hours of 45 minutes.
Register here until 5/1/2021

Jacomien Ilbrink and Ina Hogenboom recently offered an introduction workshop on how to do Psychodrama online. Today we offer you two 4 hours advanced classes to deepen your knowledge and expertise.

As some already experienced, the style is to explore, discover and practice working online together. Jacomien and Ina will help you to use tools you already discovered and maybe together you also find new possibilities. Objective is that you will discover your own playfulness and creativity in using psychodrama online and enjoy it! Play and fun are part of our training, as laughter belongs to psychodrama! Of course, there is also room for “serious” play.

*We will put some money towards financing the fee for participants who are experiencing financial difficulties, or for participants from countries where income is low. Should you have financial difficulties, preventing you from taking this seminar, please write to us.

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Account Owner: Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. 
IBAN: DE53 5206 0410 0000 8032 78 
Bank: Evangelische Bank Kassel