14. International Conference, Vilnius

20th until 24th of September 2017, Vilnius/Lithuania

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER! We announce this 14th Int. Conference to take place in Vilnius/Lithuania in September 2017. It is more than 28 years ago since a Diamond was born in Amsterdam under very special circumstances in a very challenged Europe full of hope. This diamond was called PIfE (today Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V) and its mission was to spread its light, strength and brilliance into all the corners of Europe. Already in 1999 this diamond understood that change is the only constant. This resulted in a conference in Budapest the same year. The sign from the diamond was clear: Be prepared, the world changes rapidly and we need to adjust. We will continue to change in order to survive and make sure the beautiful diamond will have a mission for many many years to come and as well will provide the foundation for the development of our organization and integration of new knowledge and skills. The world has moved giant steps since our association saw daylight in 1989. 

This conference was about keeping the diamond and strengthen it by applying the new knowledge and development about the world. Brain plasticity, mirror neurons, new understanding of trauma and bringing in new skills of communication and relation into the world of business and into the world. Spirituality and quantum physics – some new some old. 

Only a true diamond will survive. Those are the ones that resonates within each of us, the ones that create a spark within our soul and bring hope into our lives in a challenged Europe.