Secretary of the Board

Ariadna Romejko-Borowiec

I am 42 years old. I come from Cracow, Poland. I am married and have two daughters. I love to cook, hike in the mountains and listen to the film music. When I was very young I was interested in traveling, ecology and psychology, so I decided to study philosophy. Later on however I found out that psychotherapy was what I wanted to do, because it was more practical and served the others. I started the training and after years became a certified psychotherapist. First I worked at a University Hospital leading group and individual therapies; this was where I discovered psychodrama and wanted to learn it. I joined the Polish Psychodrama Institute and finished the first level training, which made me even more fascinated. Since I had been working as a Secretary of the Board of Psychotherapy Department of Polish Psychiatric Association, and had some experience, I was asked by Ania Bielańska to work for the PPI Board and I have been doing it for the past six years with a lot of pleasure. In the meantime I finished the second level training and became a psychodrama therapist. At this moment I co-lead a first level group and learn how to be a trainer. I have my private practice and teach psychotherapy on post graduate courses.

I have always enjoyed cooperating with others in order to achieve common goals. It lies in my nature or might be a consequence of playing handball as a teenager. I believe that together we can do more and better. I feel involved and responsible to help PIFE overcome the crises and win back its beauty and power. I hope it is still possible. We need new energy, new initiatives and positive, constructive attitude to make it happen. I very much like our new team and put a lot of faith in it. Let’s do it!