We are a member of The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO) wich gathers organisations from 27 European and Mediterranean countries and wishes to support the development of psychodrama training, by promoting scientific and social exchanges between trainers and training institutes, establishing Minimal Training Standards (MTS), giving ethical Guidelines and promoting research.

For more information please visit the FEPTO Homepage

Also individual european countries have founded their own Psychodrama Institutes. Some of them became partners of the Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. There are currently 7 partner organisations (in alphabetical order).


Psychodrama-Institut für Europa

Landesverband Deutschland e.V.
Ordulfstr.15 in 22459 Hamburg
Chairman: Uli Markowiak


Lithuanian Psychodrama Association

Studentu 39 , LT-08114 Vilnius
Chairwoman: Aurelija Radstyte

Psychodrama, Group Therapy and Training Centre „EOS Groups“

Smetonos 5-401, Vilnius
Chairwoman: Gauda Karmaze


Polish Psychodrama Institut – Association
Chairwoman: Anna Bielanska

Forum Psychodrama
Chairwoman: Monika Ścibak


Societate de Psihodrama Jacob Levi Moreno (SPJLM)
Chairwoman: SIMONA VLAD


Kiev Psychodrama Association
Chairwoman: Valentina Stanishevska


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