Treasurer of the Board

Fred Dorn 

Master degree in Social Sciences and Protestant Theology
Psychodrama – Director, Supervisor

 Grown up as a German, born in wartime during World War II, I have been since childhood confronted with the crimes of Nazi-Germany and the effects of its defeat in a destroyed and split country and European continent. The generation in which I grew up had to realize that we had to take responsibility for the consequences of the terror Nazi-Germany had spread all over Europe. I found my psychodramatic identity by working on the European field – especially in Eastern Europe – those countries who had suffered most cruelly from German occupation. That’s why I joined the Psychodrama-Institute for Europe (PIfE) – an organization being active in several Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus.

Consequently,  I took the responsibility for the wellbeing of this  organization in 2009 at Vilnius as treasurer and feel honoured having been charged with this task now in Vilnius for the third time.

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